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    I have always enjoyed art, but now I am really spending my time on watercolor. Because of the transparency of the paint, watercolor often has a luminescence about it. It is also a harder medium to work with than many others. I have had watercolor lesson with Mel Granau, Clela Stelnicki, Bob Moyer, Joyce Bolte, PBS painter Frank Clark, Craig Peterson, Mary Ann Boysen and Florian Lawton.

    I tend to paint more sporting art such as fishing than anything else. I also make my own frames for the larger pieces and usually carve or woodburn on the frames.





                                        Under The Old Stone Bridge



                                       Tin Goose Comin' In



                                      Time For a Rest



                                      Wooden Bridge



                                        The Way It Was Played



                                        Teton Trout



                                         St. Augustine Rehab                            



                                           Summer on the Chagrin



                                           Somethin's On



                                                         Portage to Little Bass Lake 



                                          Not Singing in the Rain           






                                            Maybe a Good Day



                                            Lined Up



                                           Hot Waters



                                           Hopin' For A Striper



                                           Forest Pool



           Following the Heron            



Sunset Sailboat       


                                           Falls Park



                                           Fall on the Chagrin            Not For Sale



                                            Decoys Out



                                            Comin' Down



                                            Cleveland Lighthouse



                                             Boat Dock Vignette






                                             Aspen Pool



                                                                A Pleasant Afternoon



                                               Daybreak on the Marsh



                                Below the Falls


                             Casey's Day at the Beach        Not For Sale

Portland Head Lighthouse

Sweet Grass

A Heavy Load

Split Rock Lighthouse

Studyin' the Surface


There Once Was a Time

On The Rise



                 Here are some examples of my framed original art



    This is a picture of me with Frank Clark, the well known watercolorist. He has been on PBS many times with his Simply Painting shows. Joanne and I both took a watercolor workshop from him.  



I also do silk painting on scarves


                    All Original Paintings are Available as Prints

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