Artwork by Joanne Meyer


       One of Joanne's favorite art mediums is colored pencil. She took online lessons with Bet Borgeson.


     This drawing is from our front yard. I built an arbor that has trumpet vine, wisteria, and honeysuckle growing on it. In front of the arbor is Joanne's herb garden, next to the herbs are flowers. The summer  she did this we had a purple iris in the front. You can also see a cardinal and a blue jay on the birdbath.


  In this fantasy drawing Joanne has a wizard walking down sandstone steps under an overhanging cliff. The overhang and these steps are in a park in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. This same park was where we took a photo that we used on our first old-time music CD titled By The River.     


                                                     In this colored pencil drawing Joanne combined two features into one drawing. The barn in this picture is one of our favorites, it isn't too far from our home and we pass it quite often. What we really liked about the barn is the structure in the front, it resembles a type of grain elevator or silo. She also added an old truck that we saw parked along a country road. We find old trucks fascinating and take pictures whenever we run across one of them.


      I think this is my favorite of all of Joanne's drawings because of the fond memories it brings back. This was from a photograph I took from a raft while whitewater rafting on the Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania. This is actually not far from Falling Water, the well-known house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I went on this trip with my son, Corey, while he was working on a whitewater merit badge on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout.


     The picture on the right is the original picture from my rafting trip. It actually was taken on a bright sunny day in the middle of the afternoon. I was facing into the sun when I took the picture.


           The drawing on the left is of the 16 sided barn that George Washington designed. It has two levels. On the top the horses would walk in a circle on wheat and their weight and constant movement would separate the grain from the chaff. The grain would fall through cracks in the floor and be collected on the lower level. We saw this on our last trip to Washington's home, Mount Vernon.  




     The drawing on the right is the gazebo at Coe Lake in Berea, Ohio. It is often used for weddings. On the bottom left Joanne drew some of her stuffed bunnies which she has collected over the years.



       I built two small lily ponds connected together in front of our house. The picture on the right is the waterfall at one end. In the front are flowering plants that float in the pond. We have koi and goldfish that come to the surface to feed.



    These pictures are from colored pencil kits that Joanne bought from Ann Kullberg. Each kit usually teaches you a different skill.

    This is a red mccaw. With colored pencil you usually get a lot of detail because of the nature of the medium. You can especially tell by the eye and the area of the face.


    Joanne loves old trucks. We saw this one on our way to Lakeside, Ohio. We had to stop and take pictures. Behind the truck is a railroad track and there are trees behind that. If you would walk to the other side of the trees you would be looking at Lake Erie.


        We have always had a flower garden. Two of the types of flowers that we like are Irises and day lilies. The red day lily on the bottom was made for a tray for some good friends of ours. I made a serving tray out of cherry and then we placed the picture on the tray. We then put a layer of epoxy on the serving section of the tray and the picture was then sealed in. The tray looks great.

    Joanne loves animals. Here are two more of her colored pencil drawings, a dog and a friend's cat.

    This is another colored pencil kit, but this time it was a landscape. With this kit there is a real emphasis on reflections. What is above the water is also seen in the water. This kit also stressed the ripples in the water.

        In this drawing there was a lot of blending to get the sky effect. With colored pencil there is a special blending stick that helps blend the colors together so you don't leave hard edges.


    Joanne did this western scene in oil pastel for the son of a co-worker. This took a long time because of the size of the work. It is quite large.

    Joanne works at Baldwin-Wallace College and these are the tulips by Dietsch Hall.

    Our son, Drew, is in California working in the Ph. D. program for physical chemistry at Stanford. He wanted a picture over the sink to remind him of home. Joanne did this oil pastel of our front yard looking out of the front window. She put a border on it as the window frame.

    Joanne's sister, Nancy, took this picture in her back yard. Joanne always loved butterflies, we have a special section in our yard with plants that are supposed to attract butterflies. However, we don't get a lot because we also have several bird feeders and when you have birds the butterflies usually stay away.

    This is an oil pastel from the park in Olmsted Falls. We go down there for walks a lot. It is a very picturesque area. I have done three watercolors in that same area.


Joanne also paints in watercolor. This is her painting of a yellow iris.



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